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Our Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo helps minimise your make up time in the morning and prevents smudging and fading problems caused by the natural oils of the skin..

We use a digital machine which caters to various eyeliner thicknesses and shapes, depending on your eye shape and your individual needs.

All cosmetic tattooing procedure prices include a consultation and two treatments as follows. Once the first treatment is completed 3 weeks is the second treatment for detailed finishes and replenishing any colour loss from the first treatment.

Perfecting eyeliner can be a huge difficulty. Precision liner tattoo can also act as a guide for clients to follow if they wish to further enhance their look. This treatment is ideal for those who are limited in using cosmetics due to allergies.


The Lip Liner & Blend method enhances the lips by adding shape and blending out the uneven lip tones which may appear over time due to ageing and sun exposure.

This treatment enhances the natural shape of your lips and allows us to create the lip shape you desire.

By using a natural colour on the lips, a simple gloss can be added to enhance the size, resulting in perfect, luscious lips.

The price for this procedure includes a consultation, the initia l treatment, plus a follow up treatment approximately 3 weeks later for detailed finishes and replenishing any colour loss from the first treatment.

Makeup Application

Akmē Beauty provides a beautiful tailored make up look to enhance your natural beauty. We use only the highest quality cosmetic brands for formals, balls, weddings or any special occasion.

Before commencing your make up, we have a detailed conversation regarding different looks and the outcome you wish to achieve. This is followed by a 45 minute make up application session.

Permanent or application


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